Advanced HVAC diagnosis and installation.

Always right, or we'll pay you the price!*

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Only the best tools

All service calls come with iManifold Report: comprehensive system performance diagnostic.

We test not just your AC, but your whole level of comfort for both night and day.


Well trained and capable tecnicians

Our techs are trained to resolve even the most complicated and peculiar of problems that can arise in a HVAC system.

Trained and certified by HVAC Excellence and NATE (North American Technician Excellence).


HVAC cops don't cop out!

We don't cop out on warranties: we honorably pay up for our mistakes.  

If anything goes wrong, you'll be the first to be found!

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Don't get swept off your feet by a salesman! Stay on your own 2 feet with a HVAC detective.

Just like Sherlock was never wrong, neither can we be.  We warranty our written diagnosis to be right or we will pay back up to $500, or reimburse it towards correct repair*.

*Conditions apply.

Sherlock Homes AC/Heating and Air

100 NE Loop 410, San Antonio, Texas 78216, United States



Monday - Friday: All day and night.

Saturday - Sunday: All day and night.

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We do have reviews...

We are an ORGANIC REVIEW exclusive company: that means we can't influence reviews in anyway, they are all completely customer motivated and driven. 

Please appreciate that a few authentic reviews is much more beneficial than an infinite number of misleading reviews that may have been company influenced.

FTC Certified Organic

We coin a new term : FTC Certified Organic Review. We constantly monitor all our reviews by FTC's and our standards: should any employee influence a review in anyway, we will flag it and alert the public ASAP.

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This is what we do:

Everything under the HVAC sun*

AC second opinion

A/C second opinion

AC 2nd opinion 

A/C 2nd opinion

Air conditioning second opinion

Air conditioning installation second opinion 

Air conditioning 2nd opinion

Fix air flow issues 

HVAC diagnosis 

AC diagnosis 

Air conditioning diagnosis 

A/C diagnosis

A/C diagnostic 

Residential ac diagnostic 

Commercial ac diagnostics 

AC diagnostics 

Air conditioning diagnostics  

AC troubleshooting

AC maintenance 

Air conditioning services near me 

Residential air conditioning service  

Commercial air conditioning service

AC checkup

A/C checkup

Air conditioning checkup

AC check

A/C check 

Being accurate is more important than our livelihood.

So there goes the sad story that the technician was behind on his bills so he chose to promote a big sale when he knew that it wasn't entirely necessary.  The Sherlock Homes story is the tech sold off his excess material because he absolutely refused to stray even 1% away from accuracy even at the sacrifice of his family.

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