Sherlock was a hero that kept the streets of London safe!


Sherlock was a Hero!

What is a hero?  Plain and simply someone that has the ability and the willingness to help you becomes your hero for that moment.  Just like Sherlock Holmes kept the streets of London safe, we at Sherlock Homes endeavor to make the HVAC industry safe from any villain that will take advantage of the ignorance of an innocent homeowner.



Is a Sherlock Holmes really needed in HVAC?

For the most part, unless you or a love one do HVAC, you are at the mercy of your selected HVAC "professional".  At least some AC companies have proved to be unprofessional by focusing their business on sales over technical accuracy.

How do they do it?

There's a big gap between truth and lie, within that lies* the grey area of making something seem bigger or smaller than it really is.  Just like a ship, they can steer you in the direction of replacing something that may not have been in your best interests.

It will take a HVAC Sherlock Holmes to uncover the intricacies of the diagnostic accuracy, to the actual value and importance of making the repair.

Let us be your HVAC detective!


Our endeavor to be your hero:

1.  Accurate diagnosis guaranteed, or the repair is on us*.

2.  Expository explanations that will give you good insight from an impartial/neutral point of view.

3.  All repairs are post audited: should we find a discrepancy, we will come to you with a possible refund, plus fix it right*.

Anything fishy, should make you iffy.

When something didn't seem right, people headed to 221B Baker Street and never regretted it: their gut instincts did not mislead them!  We strive to be the one to turn to make everything right and assure it.