Trane, Coleman, Ruud, Lennox, Amana, Day & Night, Friedrich

We install them all!

Should replacing your system really be the wisest choice, or you would like to upgrade your home to a better comfort level, we have every option available for you under the sun!  We will find the brand and system that best fits your individual needs at the best price that the market offers.


1.  We are not exclusive to any brand:

             Ever notice that all AC systems pretty much look and perform the same?  Well, that's because they ARE pretty much the same with a few minor differences.

             Making the right choice in choosing a brand has little to do with the name tag and more so to do with the actual performance vs price.  Let us do your homework and transform all your concerns to satisfaction!

2.  Our main goal is not to sell you any brand, but REPAIR YOUR EXISTING SYSTEM:

             With Sherlock Homes, the only one that's going to be telling you to replace your system is YOU; without any pressure, not even indirectly.

We specialize in repair

Ever go to a car dealership for vehicle repair and get greeted by a salesman?  Now how do you feel when you call your HVAC company for service and they send a salesman dressed up like a technician???  NO, YOU DO NOT WANT TO REPLACE YOUR SYSTEM!!!

At Sherlock Homes, our main goal is to repair your system and NOT replace it.... no sales guys here: OUR TECHS ARE PAID TO WORK, not sell.