They all were all honest, but inaccurate.........


Beware of claims to be honest:

Who's honest in the HVAC industry?  Practically all companies.  But never forget: a person can "honestly" tell you inaccuracies unknowingly.

Just because someone's not lying, doesn't mean they're telling the truth!

Ms. Holmes and her like ones were by definition not lying (in many of times), and that was one of the main reasons why people believed them!  

They were honest, but not telling the truth!  Don't let your AC company do you the same!

It's not dishonesty until exposed without rectification.

What about all those years that they honestly didn't know?  Upon manifestation, will your AC company concede?

Don't let anyone "honestly" over promise you!

Even with the best intentions, a person can only do as much as they're capable of doing.  Just a mere lack of modesty can lead a person to promise something that they're incapable of accomplishing; know of anyone?

Accuracy is OUR best policy!

What is accuracy:

1.  CAN'T be proven wrong

2.  Scientifically exact

Yes, you can say that we "honestly" want to be accurate in all and everything we do!  Please check out the next page to learn what an accurate diagnose is.